MV Traveler "Honeywood"

Honeywood - It's like Hollywood, but with honey!'s just sweet, sweet honey.

Regular Price (CA): $16.85 (Plus Applicable Taxes)
MV Traveler "Mediterranean Heat"

Mediterranean Heat - From the casinos of Monte Carlo to the beaches of Tel Aviv, the hot sun and cool Mediterranean breeze mix perfectly in just the right amount of heat. That's the inspiration for our latest creation, where juicy peach, succulent apricot, zesty lemon and spicy cinnamon fuse together in a juice that is both spicy, and refreshing.

Regular Price (CA): $16.85 (Plus Applicable Taxes)
Major Vapes Energy Drink

10mL: $5.95
30mL: $12.95

Regular Price (CA): $16.85 (Plus Applicable Taxes)
MV Traveler "Egyptian Limestone"

Egyptian Limestone - The Great Pyramids of Egypt, one of the wonders of the ancient world, were capped with limestone. What does limestone taste like? Like lime, of course!

Regular Price (CA): $16.85 (Plus Applicable Taxes)
MV Traveler "Vancouver Island Garden"

Vancouver Island Garden - Inspired by our very own backyard, and what grows in it - Vancouver Island Garden is a medley of fresh summer fruits and veggies many of us would grow right here at home - raspberries, blueberries, and cucumbers, all mixed together with a touch of cream to blend things together. It's light, refreshing, and delicious.

Regular Price (CA): $16.85 (Plus Applicable Taxes)
MV Traveler "Nanaimo Bar"

Nanaimo Bar - A national treasure! A Canadian icon! Who doesn't love Nanaimo bars, in all their rich, chocolate-covered, creamy deliciousness?

Regular Price (CA): $16.85 (Plus Applicable Taxes)

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